Choosing the right CMS

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We have come a long way in last approx 2 decades of WWW. At one point, web-sites meant a collection of pages, very often 10-20, and almost always static content. Today, the way web have become central to our businesses and operations, the only up-to-date information the organization has, is always online.

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Same content source on many devices

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Once upon a time, in the history of web site developments, it was common to see disclaimers like "This website is designed for screen sizes XYZ, browser ABC ". Today, there are at least 6 major browsers and a plethora of screen sizes ( more than 10 ). The total number of combinations is mind numbing for even the experienced developers.

But there is a solution. For those who are committed to reaching out to everyone out there.

MORE HERE: Keep the focus right, define the needs properly.

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