Working with offshore team

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Reach out to share the riches

We are living in a fabulously exploding interconnected economy. Working with people from different geographies and culture was once a privilege of few, very few, globetrotting senior most executives. Today, it's very difficult, if not impossible, for businesses to restrict themselves to working exclusively with locals only. 

This immense shift in working environments brings it's own challenges. And those challenges are no more only about weird working hours.

COMING HERE: Details on selecting the right team, need for project co-ordinators and managers, how to interpret what is being said, keeping fingers on the pulse of the development.

Identify signs of trouble, keep scores, retain good teams

Feel free to schedule a time with us to discuss how we can help you manage your development teams. Good management is not an exact science, it's more like evolve and adapt. Settings few ground rules help us keep track of our direction and help us enjoy the exciting ventures we have embarked upon.

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