Personal Robot Assistants

Intelligent Robotic Assistants

Issac Asimov painted a picture of machines having form, figures and functions that has inspired so many artists, engineers and a lot of research backed by both. When Honda released Asimo, we came closer to seeing the romance coming alive. While the day of machines taking over the world seems still very far, we are working our way to making the machines work for us, not always with direct immediate input.
With abundance of sensors that can detect everything from color to gas to temperature to force, our machines can now be very sensitive. And this sensitivity can be put to making decisions in the real time using the right software and hardware.
Acumen Software is working on a personal assistant that can accompany you indoor and outdoor. It will help you keep your notes, serve as your errands man, will help contact your family/friends/doctor in case of an emergency and even lend you a hand in times of need.
It will have a touchscreen interface apart from a voice recognition engine, it will walk the stairs and recharge itself in time. Integrated with a smartphone, your basic equipments, it is not a boxed machine. Each unit is custom made and uniquely adapted to the needs of it's companion.

Some of the features you can expect regardless of individual needs are:

  • Voice recognition so that you don't always have to scroll and click to make it work
  • Multi layer command and control structure so that it works for more than one users if needed
  • Pre-programmed modes of operation to fetch, follow and contact
  • Familiar human limb movements

This is a work in progress. While individual segments are taken from completed or ongoing projects, the sum total of the parts is not yet complete. We need more inputs from industry about the potential usage so that we can extend the functionality accordingly.