Dynamic Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps with Dynamic Content

We have mobile apps for everything from counting your steps to remind you of events you never intended to remember in the first place. This might sound like trivializing this domain, but looking closely we find the innumerable ways we now have to reach out to each other.

The apps can be of different kinds. Mobile apps normally package the information and content within the app and allow the user to refr to these information and even perform some computations on these information. If there is a change in the information, the app owner republishes the app and end users upgrade their apps.
On the other hand, some mobile apps are just a wrapper around a web page and the users get the latest content all the time. Unfortunately, such apps require the users to be online all the time.

While battling with the situation, we developed a system wherein we package the information in a structured format which allows end users to refer to the last accessed information all the time. The app checks the content server for any update in the information and makes necessary updations in the local copy as and if needed. All this takes place in the background, never disrupting the end user. App owner manages all the content from the comfort of a browser and there is no need to repackage and install the app for every major/minor change in the information.

This and several such insights come with our expertise when we design solutions for you.