Choosing the right CMS

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Right CMS for right impact

We have come a long way in last approx 2 decades of WWW. At one point, web-sites meant a collection of pages, very often 10-20, and almost always static content. Today, the way web have become central to our businesses and operations, the only up-to-date information the organization has, is always online.

There is a proliferation of the demand to manage complex, interactive and often, alot, of content. And keeping up with it, there are numerous solutions to manage the content, both in opensource and proprietary domain. It's understandable for business owners to often get bewildered in presense of so many options.

There are both open source and proprietary solutions to choose from. Money and license are not the only factors in the decision though.

You must ensure what is the over all purpose of your venture. Will you have many people working together? Who will manage the content? Will there be a complex hierarchy of users? Will you have eCommerce also in the venture? Do you have any specific development needs for some unique/proprietary processes? 

There is no ONE single good solution. Believe it or not, but if you are on a budget, you are lucky. You narrow down your options to a feasible number. 

Drop us a line and setup a time to find out the best CMS for your needs.

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